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art and photography

all genres of art including photography, collage and design

Robert Frank Film Works : 8 DVDs with 4 books housed in wooden box

The significance of Robert Frank's photography is unquestionable. His The Americans is arguably the most important American photography publication of the postwar period, and his work has spawned numerous disciples,...


David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth (hardcover edition)

Loving the Alien Behind the scenes of Nic Roeg's 1976 sci-fi masterpiece starring David Bowie First advertised as a "mind-stretching experience," Nicolas Roeg's 1976 The Man Who Fell to Earth...


Postal (softcover edition)

Private communications played out in public space. Images collected from a daily postal route. 100 images collected here to be exact. Photos by Sydney based photographer/postman Stuart Silcox.


The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist (hardcover edition)

Syd Mead is one of the most accomplished and widely respected artists alive today. The Movie Art of Syd Mead: Visual Futurist represents the most extensive collection of Mead's visionary...

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The Incal (hardcover edition)

John Difool, a low-class detective in a degenerate dystopian world, finds his life turned upside down when he discovers an ancient, mystical artifact called "The Incal." Difool's adventures will bring...

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Gordon Parks Collected Works - Study Edition : Volume 1-5, 1942-1988

A self-taught polymath, Parks chronicled the African-American experience and retold his own personal history This five-volume collection surveys five decades of Gordon Parks' (1912-2006) photography. It is the most extensive...


Domus: 1960-1969 (hardcover edition)

Founded in 1928 as a "living diary" by the great Milanese architect and designer Gio Ponti, domus has been hailed as the world's most influential architecture and design journal. With...


The Mudd Club (softcover edition)

"I was a Long Island kid that graduated college in 1976 and moved to Greenwich Village. Two years later, I was working The Mudd Club door. Standing outside, staring at...


Paterson II (hardback edition)

A 10th-generation native of New Jersey, renowned photographer George Tice began his thirty-year documentation of the vernacular architecture of his home state with Paterson in 1972, which formed part of...


California Inferno: Anton LaVey & Jane Mansfield (hardback edition)

Satanism and the silver screen: the bizarre friendship of Anton LaVey and Jayne Mansfield. Movie star Jayne Mansfield and notorious Satanist Anton LaVey met in 1966. Both were publicity conscious and...


Only The Lonely, 1955-1984 (hardcover edition)

Mysterious, introspective, fiercely private, and self-taught, street photographer William Gedney (1932-1989) produced impressive series of images focused on people whose lives were overlooked, hidden, or reduced to stereotypes. He was...


Morandi 1890-1964 (hardcover edition)

This is an exceptional selection of works documenting the entire creative career of the Italian painter, from his powerful beginnings through his Metaphysical painting phase and into the hazy atmospheres...


Gunter Grass: Catalogue Raisonne - The

Before Gunter Grass achieved worldwide fame as a novelist, the future author of The Tin Drum studied sculpture at the art academies of Dusseldorf and Berlin. Over the past 60...


From Back Home (hardcover edition)

From Back Home documents a rural Sweden far removed from the big city. Photographers Anders Petersen (born 1944) and JH Engstrom (born 1969) both hail from the rural county of...


Pittsburgh 1950 (hardcover edition)

Published by one of the coolest boutique book publishers GOST, Pittsburgh 1950 includes previously unpublished photographs of Pittsburgh by acclaimed photographer Elliot Erwitt taken between 1949 and 1950. These photographs, capturing...


When We Think of Berlin (Map guide)

Berlin! New entries and a fresh design for this ever-popular guide. Among the entries are beautiful parks, wonderful bread, elegant stationery, intoxicating drinks and excellent coffee - and even the...

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Around Reykjavik (Map guide)

The city's twin appeal - manmade and natural - is well represented here, with suggestions for eating, drinking and shopping, plus a selection of easy day trips that take you...


Meet Me in Milan (Map guide)

An inside look at this hardworking city, its name now synonymous with high fashion and global luxury commerce, yet despite this still alive with traditional business. Commonly regarded as Italy...


Lost Los Angeles (hardcover edition)

Astonishing images of vanished Los Angeles, from thelandmark Ambassador Hotel to theoriginal life-sustaining Zanja Madre Los Angeles is less than 150 years old, yet in that short time a great...

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Lost San Francisco (hardcover edition)

Looks at how a city used to run--the old transport systems, former city halls, stores, theaters and cinemas, gas stations and car showrooms, restaurants, and people on the sidewalk Aspects...

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