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avant-garde and experimental

avant-garde modern composers - featuring strange people and their strange music

All Melody (vinyl 2LP)

Having set up a new studio in an old East Berlin broadcast facility built in the 1950s, Nils Frahm's seventh album All Melody arrives via Erased Tapes. Drawing new energies...


Whirled Music (remastered 45rpm LP)

Black Truffle is honored to present the first ever reissue of Whirled Music by Max Eastley, Steve Beresford, Paul Burwell, and David Toop, one of the key documents of the inventive and energetic scene around the...


The Third Reich 'N Roll: Preserved Edition (remastered, expanded 2CD)

The Residents' ground-breaking second album remastered with tons of previously unreleased material presented on 2 CDs.

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Meet The Residents: Preserved Edition (remastered, expanded 2CD)

The Residents' debut album from 1974 remastered and expanded into a double CD including the 1974 mono mix, the 1977 stereo mix, Santa Dog EP and loads of previously unreleased...

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Async-Remodels (vinyl 2LP)

Ryuichi Sakamoto's 2017 release "Async" remixed, reworked by Oneohtrix Point Never, Alva Noto, Fennesz, Johann Johannsson, Andy Stott, Cornelius, Arca and others.


The Downward Spiral (2017 remastered edition 2LP)

The Downward Spiral originally came out in 1994. This meticulously 2017 remaster was prepared by Trent Reznor and NIN art director John Crawford. Pressed on two 180 gm vinyl.

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Async-Remodels (CD)

Ryuichi Sakamoto's 2017 release "Async" remixed, reworked by Oneohtrix Point Never, Alva Noto, Fennesz, Johann Johannsson, Andy Stott, Cornelius, Arca and others.


Not the Actual Events (vinyl EP)

Nine Inch Nails' 2016 release. Single-sided vinyl including the song they performed on the new David Lynch 2017 TV series Twin Peaks (season 3).


Add Violence (vinyl EP)

Nine Inch Nails' 5-track EP release from 2017.


The Roxy Performances (7CD box set)

Zappa Records presents The Roxy Performances. A 7-Disc Box Set that contains the MOTHERLODE of all things Roxy. All 4 public shows from December 9 & 10 1973, remixed in...

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William Eggleston: Musik (2LP vinyl w. download)

Native Memphian William Eggleston, is widely regarded to be the most important photographer of the late 20th Century, but there is another side to him that took root in his...

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Sun Ra and his Arkestra featuring Pharoah Sanders and Black Harold (vinyl LP)

"It wasn't until long after Pharoah Sanders had achieved worldwide acclaim with John Coltrane that Sun Ra and manager Alton Abraham decided to issue the music they'd recorded at Judson Hall. After its...


Metaphors: Selected Soundworks from the Cinema (CD)

Selected soundworks from the cinema of Thai filmmaker, artist, and Palm D'or winner Apichatpong Weerasethakul. 14 tracks compiled by Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr and Koichi Shimizu. "Well, it seems Apichatpong beat me...


Aithein (limited edition vinyl w. download)

A meeting of three musical masters: Oren Ambarchi, guitarist Stefano Pilia and bassist Massimo Pupillo (Zu) team up for an instrumental trip bridging post rock, drone and improvisation. Limited edition...


Execution Ground (limited edition 2LP w. download)

PainKiller!! The seminal 1994 double album by the original line-up of Bill Laswell, John Zorn and Mick Harris on vinyl for the first time. Avant-jazz, grindcore, dub and ambient melt...

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A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound (16CD box set)

Roland Kayn’s truly epic ‘A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound’ is both a major late opus and a summation of his vast contribution to the fields of electronic music...


Akira: Symphonic Suite (CD)

The symphonic suite of the soundtrack to the legendary film AKIRA is now available on CD, 180g Double Vinyl LP. The symphonic music to AKIRA was composed by Dr. Shoji...


Akira: Symphonic Suite (vinyl 2LP)

The symphonic suite of the soundtrack to the legendary film AKIRA is now available on CD, and 180g Double Vinyl LP. The symphonic music to AKIRA was composed by Dr....


Pollution (vinyl LP)

Pollution from 1972 is the captivating follow-up to Fetus. Like its predecessor, the album features Baroque textures, motorik rhythms, weird tape effects and Battiato's perfectly oblique vocals. Upon hearing Pollution,...


Fetus (vinyl LP)

Franco Battiato is often heralded as Italy's answer to Brian Eno. A quizzical composer/lyricist, Battiato turned pop music upside down in the early '70s with three classic LPs – Fetus,...