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auteur / music mishmash

Kubrick (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Stanley Kubrick's beloved computer HAL 9000 meshing up with Kraftwerk's Radioactivity. Techno battle on a shirt front.


Cinemetal (Almodovar t-shirt)

Cannes Film Festival's favourite Spanish film director Pedro Almodovar meets Boston's heavy hair-rockers Aerosmith on the front of this t-shirt. Cool indeed...


Cinemetal (Von Trier t-shirt)

Lars Von Trier meets Van Halen on the front of this t-shirt design. Very cool.


Solondz (Cinemetal t-shirt)

The perfect match and both kind of twisted, maverick film director Todd Solondz (Happiness, Wiener Dog) meets Twisted Sister on the front of a t-shirt. You're gonna take it...

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Bergman (Cinemetal t-shirt)

This is the match made in heaven. Swedish auteur film director Ingmar Bergman meets British steel rockers Iron Maiden on one of the best logo mash-ups ever. Available in verious...


Scorsese (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Another funny/funky design from Cinemetal. This time we have director Martin Scorsese doing a logo clash with Scorpions. Taxi Driver meets German hard rock!


Varda (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Female nouvelle vague pioneer Agnes Varda and UK pioneer old-school death metal band Venom's logo mash-up. Available in size M.


Carpenter-heather (Cinemetal)

American filmmaker, musician John Carpenter and American soft-rock dual, The Carpenter's logo mash-up. Available in size S and M.


Carpenter-black (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Black t-shirt with yellow logo. American filmmaker, musician John Carpenter and soft rock dual The Carpenters' logo mash-up. Available in size Large.  


Bunuel-heather (cinemetal t-shirt)

Spanish/Mexican filmmaker Luis Bunuel and British goth-rockers Bauhaus' logo mash-up. Available in medium size.


Bunuel-black(Cinemetal t-shirt)

Spanish/Mexican film director Luis Bunuel and England's gothic new-wavers Bauhaus' logo mash-up. Available in size L.   


DePalma (Cinemetal t-shirt)

American film director Brian DePalma and UK metal band Def Leppard's logo mash-up. Available in size medium.


Fassbinder (Cinemetal t-shirt)

German filmmaker Rainer Werner fassbinder and metal band Metallica's logo mash-up. Available in 3 sizes. S, M, L.


Jodorowsky (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Avant-garde filmmaker, writer, poet Alejandro Jodorowsky and British metal band Judas Priest's logo mash-up.


Herzog (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Filmmaker Werner Herzog and hardcore goth metal singer Danzig's logo mash-up.


Ozu (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Revered 'old-school' Japanese film director Ozu Yasujiro and Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne's logo mash-up. Available in size M, L.


Bela Tarr (Cinemetal t-shirt)

Cinemetal t-shirt. Hungarian filmmaker Bela Tarr and USA West Coast hardcore band Black Flag logo mash-up. Available in size S, M, L.