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The Garden (region-2 DVD)

Now totally out-of-print. Filmed in the stark environs of Derek Jarman's coastal home in the shadow of Dungeness power station, The Garden is a powerful and moving series of allegorical...


Nadja (region 4 DVD)

Nadja is a female vampire (Elina Lowensohn) with her vampire brother (Jared Harris) haunt the dark streets and hangouts of Manhattan by night and spend their days entombed in darkness....

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Genealogies of a Crime (region 1DVD)

Totally out-of-print USA DVD. Ruiz's film is an intelligent, darkly comic meditation on family, free will, and the nature of the criminal mind. Catherine Deneuve is compelling and radiant playing...


Emile de Antonio: Films of a Radical Saint

This is a sealed copy of the now way-out-of-print 4 film collection by documentary filmmaker Emile de Antonio. The four films contained within ther set are In The year of...


Love and Anger (region free 2DVD)

This is the out-of-print 2DVD edition of No Shame Films' Love and Anger directed by Carlo Lizzani, Bernardo Bertolucci, Jean-Luc Godard, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Marco Bellocchio. This is a...


The Tenant (region 4 DVD)

This is the out-of-print Australian edition of Roman Polanski's 1976 film The Tenant. Starring Isabella Adjani, Shelley Winters and Roman Polanski himself. This is a pre-owned copy in very good...

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The Phantom of Liberty (Criterion region 1 DVD)

The is our only copy (still factory sealed!) of the way-out-of-print Criterion edition of Luis Buñuel's 1974 classic. This DVD is the 2005 first printing which goes for silly money...