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hollywood babylon

original handcrafted shrines created by melbourne based artist phillipa berry

sal mineo shrine

Sal Mineo [10 January 1939 – 12 February 1976] Sensitive Sal made his name in teen trauma movies before picking up sticks to play a drum role in the Gene Krupa...


marjoe gortner shrine

Marjoe Gortner [14 January 1944 –] Conscripted by his parents to perform the ‘Miracle Child’ ministry, the pint size preacher eventually grew up and exposed the faith healing racket in an...

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evel knievel shrine

Evel Knievel [17 October 1938 – 30 November 2007] Delinquent turned daredevil Evel Knievel appeared in numerous documentaries, TV specials, and a fanciful movie denouncing drugs. He was partial to bourbon...


bobby driscoll shrine

Bobby Driscoll [3 March 1937 – 30 March 1968]  As an MGM moppet Bobby won an Oscar as the outstanding juvenile actor of 1949 and then as Disney’s darling he played...


dean martin shrine

Dean Martin [7 June 1917 – 25 Dec 1995] The alcohol-infused icon of insouciance, Dino walked through his Hollywood days in a haze of grog, goombas and gambling.

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dennis hopper shrine

Dennis Hopper [17 May 1936 – 29 May 2010] Dennis played moody young teens with Jimmy Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, then young cowboy roles with big names...