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your favourite films on lo-res vhs format

Monterey Pop (VHS)

The weekend that gave birth to a decade. In June 1967 the Mamas and The Papas hosted a three day pop festival in Monterey, California. D. A. Pennebaker's outstanding film...


The Stunt Man (VHS)

The Stunt Man by director Richard Rush is truly that one-of-a-kind cinema experience. Impossible to categorise, this big budget cult film stars Steve Railsback, Barbara Hershey, and Peter O'Toole at...


Something Wild (1986 VHS)

Australian Pal format VHS. 1986 cult black-humour-thriller-road-movie directed by 'Silence of The Lamb' Jonathan Demme, starring Melanie Griffith and Jeff Daniels.


One-Eyed Jacks (VHS)

The one and only film directed by Marlon Brando in 1961. Australian Pal format. Why settle for a pristine 4K transfer when you can own this collectable lo-res edition.


Kiss Me Deadly (VHS)

1955 film noir thriller from a novel by Mickey Spillane and directed by Robert Aldrich. UK Pal format VHS tape.


Manhattan (VHS)

Classic Woody Allen starring Mariel Hemingway, Diane Keaton and Michael Murphy. Australian Pal format VHS. Widescreen. 


Lolita (VHS)

Stanley Kubrick's Lolita starring James Mason, Shelley Winters, Peter Sellers and Sue Lyon as Lolita. Australian Pal format.


The Big Lebowski (VHS)

Coen Brother classic starring Jeff Bridges as the Dude. Australian Pal format.


Day for Night (VHS)

Francois Truffaut outdoing Robert Altman in this 1973 film starring Jacqueline Bisset, Jean-Pierre Leaud and Truffaut himself. From Warner Home Video, UK Pal format release.


Deliverance (VHS)

Burt Reynolds stars in this 1972 John Boorman classic. UK Pal Format.


Walkabout (VHS)

Nicolas Roeg's stunningly beautiful tale about two English children lost in the Australian Outback, who are rescued by a young Aborigine (David Gulpilil in his incredible debut performance) on a...


Girl on a Motorcycle (VHS)

Directed and photographed by award-winning cinematographer Jack Cardiff. Widescreen edition. USA NTSC format.