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world cinema

european (except uk), scandinavian, asian, latin american and african films

Fires On The Plain (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

From Shinya Tuskamoto director of Tetsuo:The Iron Man. In the final stages of WWII, the occupying Japanese army in the Philippines is rapidly losing ground, facing local resistance combined with...


Metropolis: 90th Anniversary (region-B/2 2blu-ray/DVD)

To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of the film’s release, Eureka Entertainment is proud to present the definitive version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in a Special Edition Boxed Set, containing the 150-minute reconstructed...


Eight Hours Don't Make A Day (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD box set)

Rainer Werner Fassbinder had been making feature films for three years and already amassed a filmography that would satisfy most careers when he decided to take on a bigger challenge....


Legend of the Holy Drinker (region-A/1 blu-ray/DVD)

Winner of the prestigious Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival, The Legend of the Holy Drinker is another classic from the great Italian director Ermanno Olmi (Il posto,...


The Mourning Forest (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

Ten years after becoming the youngest winner of the Caméra d Or, Naomi Kawase returned to Cannes and claimed the prestigious Grand Prix for The Mourning Forest [Mogari no mori],...


The Love of A Woman (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

The Love of a Woman (L'amour d'une femme) was the final feature of the great French filmmaker Jean Grémillon, concluding a string of classics that included such greats as Remorques,...


The Saga of Anatahan (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

Josef von Sternberg the innovative director with an unmatched eye for detail and a reputation for his intensity brings to life this vulnerable tale of human trauma, survival and redemption....

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Branded To Kill (region B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

Seijun Suzuki’s delirious 1967 hit-man film has drawn comparisons with contemporaries Le Samourai and Point Blank and influenced directors such as John Woo, Jim Jarmusch and Quentin Tarantino among others....

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The Girl Who Knew Too Much (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

With a nod to Hitchcock and a wink in the direction of Agatha Christie, The Girl Who Knew Too Much inadvertently created a genre that would dominate Italian cinema for...


Five Dolls For An August Moon (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

A weekend retreat on a private island should be a recipe for rest and relaxation – unless you’re appearing in a giallo by the master of the macabre, Mario Bava...


Autumn Almanac (region-2 DVD)

A large, claustrophobic apartment is the setting for this intense chamber drama that is one of Béla Tarr’s most revered films. In this dense setting, the inhabitants of the apartment...


Underground (region-2 DVD)

This Palme d'or winning film, directed by Emir Kusturica, uses the epic story of two friends to portray the history of Yugoslavia. The film follows two underground black market weapons...


La Poison (Criterion region-1 2DVD)

The writer, actor, and director Sacha Guitry emerged from the theater to become one of France’s best-known and most inventive filmmakers, and La poison marked his first major collaboration with...


The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh (region-free blu-ray)

Directed by Sergio Martino in 1971. Voted one of the top Giallos ever, not only for its surreal S&M imagery featuring plenty of suspense, sleaze, nudity and gruesome killings but...


The Perfume of the Lady in Black (region-B blu-ray)

Director Francesco Barilli's hallucinatory giallo horror-thriller stars Mimsy Farmer who portrays Sylvia, a chemist who begins to suffer from strange visions; a mysterious woman in black applying perfume in a...

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Westfront 1918 + Kameradschaft (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

Georg Wilhelm Pabst (Pandora’s Box, Diary of a Lost Girl) made a flawless transition from silent to sound filmmaking with, Westfront 1918 and Kameradschaft, a pair of strongly anti-war titles...

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Der Mude Tod (Destiny) [region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

Before directing numerous genre defining masterpieces such as Metropolis, M, and Spione, Fritz Lang was already defying cinematic conventions with Der müde Tod (literally, The Weary Death). A young woman...

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Peppermint Soda (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD)

Teenage sisters Anne (Éléonore Klarwein) and Frédérique (Odile Michel) couldn't be more different: introverted Anne is trying to understand the world around her as she's on the threshold of adolescence;...


The Taisho Trilogy (region-B/2 blu-ray/DVD box set)

After over a decade in the wilderness following his firing from Nikkatsu for Branded to Kill (1967), maverick director Seijun Suzuki returned with a vengeance with his critically-praised tryptic of...


The Handmaiden special edition (extended & theatrical cuts region-B blu-ray)

From visionary director Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Stoker) comes The Handmaiden, a sumptuous and exhilarating period thriller inspired by Sarah Waters’ best-selling novel Fingersmith. Set during the Japanese occupation of Korea in...